Apple's future HQ artists rendition

Hong Kong HQ

A Hong Kong-based high tech firm, among the cutting-edge companies in global IT. ThaneTech's success speaks eloquently of its cut-throat business practices and ability to negotiate the grey and murky waters of international finance and computing.

Recently, it moved to a new HQ, the brainchild of current CEO Thaddeus Thane. The ring shaped compound is solar-powered, self-sustaining and has a zero-carbon footprint.

There are also the London offices.


  • ThaneTech's London skyscraper by night


Roleplay (Hong Kong HQ)Edit

Shinobi Shaw - Thaddeus Thane

Thad TechMas
-Free Thinker

TALK – 13:31, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

*He wanders through the foyer, casually greeting all and sundry by name as he passes.*

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