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This is the Start Up Guide for new users to Skyfall Aftermath Roleplay Wiki. We hope this will help you make your way, step by step, through the process of creating a character.

Step OneEdit

A character, in this context, is your representative in the game, your "me". For a rich and varied RP, we need chars (characters) from a range of areas, not just 00 Agents. So perhaps the first step is to decide - What kind of character am I looking to make? The most common types are:-

Field agent - The active defenders of their nations' interests, out in the world outwitting (and fighting) each other

Squint - The vital technical and administrative support staff who make the field agents' jobs possible

Asset - Some unwitting pawn with a special skill set, ability, connection or similar - dragged into the games

Backer - The financial muscle, or mastermind, behind a private project

Step TwoEdit

Generally speaking, it's a good idea to have some specific motivation for a char. So the second step might be to try to imagine what makes your char different from the generic labels above.

For example, Tony Stark (Marvel's Iron Man) fits clearly into the 'Backer' category, but what makes him interesting and unpredictable as a character is his personality, some of which is a result of his alcoholism. So, although he is a genius, he is far from perfect, and these flaws make for a well-rounded and engaging character. Stark is driven to make up for all the death and destruction caused by the weapons his company manufactured, and that guilt also motivates many of his actions.

Step ThreeEdit

Name and nationality can help us to pin down our internal image of the char, and begin to refine it. RP is by definition a world of constant exceptions, but the general traits and tendencies associated with various countries and cultures can help us begin to 'flesh out' our char. In general, the more precise your own picture of the char you are creating, the better the characterisation and RP will be. So, don't be afraid to make notes of quirky little things and odd habits which spring to mind when you're putting the char together.

Step FourEdit

Now, and only now, might be the time to first look at the Sorting questions, and begin to imagine answers to the various questions. The psych evaluation one is for characters with a military or espionage background to be able to justify why they should 'jump' into a relatively high-ranking/responsible position within an agency, not to test your knowledge of psychological jargon, so please don't worry about it. If you don't feel like filling that question in, don't. Most of them are necessary, but not that one.

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