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Her office

My full name is Rina Solstice Solander.


Citizenship(s):Australian and British

Psych Evaluation: She can often become melancholy, but is professional always. She can lock up her feelings for the missions she goes on, becoming a trained killing machine, and only lets them out when she finishes the mission. Rina is affected in strange ways, by the deaths of people around her, as seen from her reaction(s) to her parents deaths when she was 11, and her 'beating herself into shape.' Rina will not engage in personal relationships easily. She will have evaluated the risks first, and she is not hasty at all.

Three greatest strengths:I do have a conscience. I don't kill excessively. I will get the mission done though.

Three greatest weaknesses: I am hard to communicate with at times. I enjoy reading too much. I 'don't suffer fools gladly'.

Where I see myself in 5 years: I see myself as a talented MI6 Agent, an inspirational Double-0, who gets the missions done. I don't let feelings get in the way of missions, but I can make friends with people.I would not make promises I couldn’t keep, and I would keep my skills at the top that they can be.I would still use my trusty old Walther PPK, and I would keep my tech fine-tuned. But, no one can predict the future. Or can they?

History:Rina was born to Mr Josh Solander and Mrs Evie Solander on the 14th of November at 6:00 PM. She had a normal 5 years, living with her parents in the Australian outback. Until- when she was 5, exactly on her birthday, her parents were out hiking, with her at home, and they were killed, though it is unknown how. A few years later, when she was 11, she was attacked, and the house and farm was burnt down. She took shelter in the caves underneath, and eventually made it where she lived. She trained herself, building a shooting range (illegally) and a gym in the caves.

She made a living as an 'assasin', but with a conscience. She once worked with a man called Joe Fixit. She was a 'system ghost', she wasn't even known to exist.

Weapons:I usually use a Walther PPK, but I also am trained in karate, and sword fighting. I am a good shot.

Code name: Agent 0011.

Favourite color: Purple.

Genetical 'skills':Advanced metabolism: Alchohol and Drugs don't affect me.




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