My full name is Maryam Maeve Macleod.


Citizenship: Scottish/British

Titles: Head of Computer Technology in University of Edinburgh, and University of Glasgow. Major in Computer&tech, major in electronics engineering. Major in Robotics

Psych Eval (Current): Maryam is dedicated to her task, and for all fronts, is a genius. She grasps concepts which baffle some of the greatest minds in the known world in minutes.

Strengths:I can hack any computer in Europe and America. I am extremely experienced with computers. I can create virtual beings on a laptop, voice controlled (a tad like siri, but better), who you can tell something and they will remember it forever.

Weaknesses:I spend too much time on the computer. I am extremely un-sociable. I have too many virtual friends.

Where I see myself in 5 years: I see myself as a talented member of Q branch. A brilliant hacker, and hopefully not dead, I would advance technology sufficiently, so that F.A.s (Field Agents) still were equipped the best that they could be. I enjoyed the job, working with talented people. I, hopefully, would have lost the painful Scottish accent, so people could actually understand me. Also, hopefully I would have made a sufficient robot to act as an imposter agent, or go out on the suicide missions.

Also, hopefully, I would have made a proper, working R2-D2 (my life’s dream).

History: Maryam was born to Aila Findley and Hector Macleod in 1989. She had a normal childhood, growing up in Edinburgh. Until she heard about Robotics, when she was 14.

Suddenly, she had no time for friends, no time for family. It was all robotics this, technobabble this. She went to 2 universities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and in both she learned Robotics, Engineering, and Computers and Tech.

She became professors at both Unis, until she was given a chance to be recruited by MI6, which she gladly accepted.

Code Name: Tri-M (3-M).

Weapons:M-16 rifle.

Extra abilities:Slightly better memory than usual human.



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