These are the MI6 garages. This is where all the personnel park, if not living at work - although the range of vehicles is remarkable, not simply two-wheels or four. Assigned spaces are taken very seriously.

Vehicles 'Stabled' here at the momentEdit

This is a list of all the vehicles here at the moment.(OOC:When entering MI6, and parking here, pleas add your vehicle to the list.)

  • 0011's bike
  • Company car
  • Company car
  • Company car
  • 007's Aston Martin
  • Tri-M's Aston Martin
  • 0026's Lamborghini Reverton




Rina Solander Agent 0011
-MI6 Agent, Office

TALK – {{{time}}}

Rina drove in, and parked her motorbike.


Maryam Tri-M, 'Squint'
-MI6 Agent

TALK – {{{time}}}

Maryam drove in, and finding a spot, she parked.

Wade Barrett in suit 01

Davey Endgame

TALK – 12:58, December 10, 2012 (UTC)

*He drove in, made a handbreak turn into the parking space, and popped the side door on the car.*

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