These are real world special abilities or skills which are restricted to a maximum of one per character and once per user. Exceptions can be made by an Admin, but these should not exceed twice per user for any talent on the list.

"Restricted abilities"Edit

Ability Type Frequency Description
Photographic memory Mental Very common Allows the char to recall in exact detail any visual image or data to which they were exposed.
Extreme parkour Physical Very common Allows the char to make rapid progress across a physical cityscape by means other than roads, streets and steps.
Double-jointed Physical Common The char can move joints in manners not normally possible for a human.
Perfect night vision Physical Common The char can see in normal night-time light conditions as well as most people can in broad daylight.
Iron will Mental Rare There is no known form of torture which can compel the char to speak.
Rockstar metabolism Physical Uncommon Drugs and stimulants of all kinds (including alcohol) have far less than their standard effect on the char.
Savant Computing Skills Mental Rare Char can hack into, or manipulate, foreign computing systems with ease.