Those parties with whom Joe has 'enjoyed' a mutually beneficial and bilaterally satisfactory exchange of services and funds (about as close as he allows himself to get to having friends, in other than the most exceptional circumstances).

Nairobi/Underworld/Kenyan Army Surplus Store - one of the very few places where Joe has committed every member of staff's name to long-term memory

Stepan Gregorovitch Novykh, known to Joe as Медвежонок (Medvezhonok) - Ursa Minor. As with the reciprocal "Ratty", no one else is known to have used the term and not had a prolonged hospital stay for dessert

Various ranking members of the Osaka Yakuza community, and their fixers

Lenworth Vidok - Fixit's lesser-seen inner geek gets an outing

Oz - one of two known 'brahs'

Chuds - Hacker collective