Grace Ferrell blk hair6
Grace Ferrell
"disemadikan "
Full Name Grace Ferrell

(Birth name Graziella Fausto)

Birthday August 31st
Marital Status Single
Family Fausto


Handedness Ambidextrous
Weapon of choice Technology
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Hactivist/Cyber 'Terrorist'
Loyalty Herself


Her blue-grey eyes and blonde hair were nearly forgotten after the death of both of her parents. This effectively making her an orphan, she regained control by became a brunette. Dyeing her hair a very deep, dark, black making her eyes appear more grey then blue.

As the new hair color faded to more of a brown she noticed that her grey eyes looked more like their natural blue-grey and yet her hair color still made her feel different. Grace often changes her hair color, enjoying the feeling of being someone else ... she often uses fake names to cement the idea of a new persona.

Frequently Used Aliases ; Adrienne, Cassandra, Harley, Lorelei, Selene, Talia, Trinity

Grace Ferrell7 Grace Ferrell Brown4
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Hair Color Blonde (Varies)
Height 168 cm
Weight 55 kg
Native Language Portuguese and English
Ethnicity Portuguese
Languages Spoken Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Spanish, French
Malay, Thai, Chinese & English
Clothing Style Varies
Shoe Size 34

The PastEdit

I was born Graziella Fausto, the 31st of August on Midway Island to Vicente and Lucrecia Fausto. My mother met my father in Portugal, Lucrecia was an office mouse, and "Vaughn" was RED, a Retired and Extremely Dangerous former field agent. Fourteen years they spent happily, quietly as the Fausto family, until the one phone call that changed everything. My mother answered pushing her glasses up with a smile, only to had the phone away with sullen, pale face.

It is because of the two role models that I had in life I am the way that I am. My father was a man like no other, his only weakness, well, that was my mother, and I. When we became too much of a liability, and yes, eventually got him killed my mother literally snapped. The most beautiful, silent but deadly rampage, like a biological virus. She used her computer skills to track down the men (and the women) who were responsible for the death of my father.

After a lengthy bout with severe depression, and suicidal madness she eventually died. As everyone does, but she did not go out of this world without dragging the woman who ordered us dead along with her. She was a clever my mother, she didn't use any old method for muder. She had once created in the hope of making her turn from Squint to Field Agent. This after years of research, and study learning of Madam Guiomar's genetic makeup for a maximum, fatal, neurological effect.

Friends of my mother and father — London Cristóvão and Horácio Ferrell — made the decision to take in a pre-teen orphan who knew far more then she should, carrying the weight of her dead parents on her shoulders. They thought they could hide all that they knew ... they were wrong. They were also stupid enough to keep all of their private and personal information where it was easily accessible to me, and I put it to use. It didn't matter if it had been purposely made illegible to the untrained eye, I read code like most people read books. How else would I know how my father died, and what my mother did? ...


Birthplace Islamorada, Florida
Type of Childhood Ordinary
Earliest Memory Learning to use a computer
Pets Associates
Likes Flirting, Exotic food, Unsavory environments
Dislikes Most things
Fears/Phobias Convincing lies
Hobbies Business and Pleasure
Comfort Food(s) Masala dosa, Som tam, Peking Duck
Person Secretly Admired Lucrecia
Most Influenced By -
Immediate Goals Destroy
Long Term Goals -
Greatest Fear Having nothing left to do
Most at Ease When? En route, Typing, Changing hair colors
Priorities Destruction followed by structured mayhem
Past Failures Common courtesy
Character Flaw Paranoid

The FutureEdit

In five years time I plan to continue the dismantlement of the organisations and agencies that look good in the eye of the public while keeping their "dirty hands" in the dark. The same agencies that once hired my biological mother and father, the same organisations that slaughtered my family. There is no place in the world for those who turn to others to do what they cannot be bothered to. I will bring to light what the little people truly work for and what those considered upper crust do when they think that no one is watching.


Strengths - Appearance, Determination, Confidence

Drawbacks - Judgmental, Aggressive, Deceptive

Restricted ability - Photographic Memory

Familiarity withEdit

HK USP Compact Tactical .45 ACP (equipped with a SureFire flashlight), HK USP Tactical 9mm, Capoeira, Jiujitsu (very little),

Computers and General Technology, Blade Weapons, Comic books, Haute Cuisine, Auto racing, Hypnotherapy, Pharmacotherapy


Feral - Grace Ferrell
Grace Ferrell
Transmission - Grace Ferrell
Grace, who is at this moment going by the name "Circe" walks right past you mostly unnoticed ... unless, of course, there was something you wanted to say.

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