This page is a repository for communal use personnel, with links to the relevant pages. They differ from NPCs listed elsewhere, in that they have no pre-defined personality, only a general role, and are intended simply to flesh out an RP when a stock character is called for. By and large, they will be expected to die far, far more often than they kill.

There are 'name' (user), 'char' (char name), 'time' and 'text' segments to fill out.

Template:Disp - this is a photo of a 'standard' couple, either or both of whom can be used when 'extra hands' are needed for an RP.

Template:MI6SqD - a generic female lab tech for MI6.

Template:DrugDD - a street corner drug pusher.

Template:MuscleD - the brute behind the average lowlife.

Template:OfficeFD - an office manager of the female persuasion.