Wikia Skyfall - Oz the tearaway

"Oz", as he's known to the world, is a former counterfeiter who, at some point, went through the entirety of the CIA field agent training program, although whether they were aware of it is far more - unclear. His ridiculously complex web of contacts includes Beijing bakers and ex-KGB Hollywood stuntmen, and if it's out there, odds are Oz can get it, if he wants it enough, or - equally pertinently - if someone he despises does. Ferris Oswald Osbourne is his best known alias, though far from the only one. When younger, there is some evidence he looked like this, but today ....

He himself generally prefers to work through intermediaries, and to this end assembles and dissolves teams on a regular basis, usually picking a domino with great care, giving it a push, and watching the resultant cumulative fall. The only solid, unchanging entry in his online existence is his nine marriages - all of them to Amy. The current tally includes eight divorces, but how accurate that is ....

Oz seemingly has no desire to settle in any one place for long, so his operations are as wide-ranging as his friendships, and there is no question that both Fidel Castro and Thaddeus Thane are on his speed-dial, irrespective of the model or phone. As a guinea pig for every toxin, alcohol and bad idea in liquid or syringe form known, there is nothing that can knock him out or take him down chemically. Claims his friend John made a movie about him as a kid, or something. Oz calls Stepan Gregorovitch Novykh "Petey", as in Colossus of the X-Men, and is permitted to do so whilst retaining his teeth and spine.

Oz keeps his base of operations mobile, usually rented through a string of shell corporations and leased back, frequently making a profit along the way.

Wikia Skyfall - Oz back in black

Oz Maverick

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"I'll allow it."

Oz is a spinner of the most incredible tall tales, but given how many have come out true in the wash, dismissing almost anything he claims is a risk.