This is meant to provide a rough idea of the sort of things which could be in the backstory of a char.

Birth and early lifeEdit

David Teaker is the second child of four, and eldest son, of Mary and Joshua Teaker of Bridge Road, Widnes, born on April 18, 1966. He went to the local infant and primary schools before earning a scholarship place at Manchester Grammar School when he was eleven. An energetic boy, he was large but not particularly well-coordinated, and with no propensity for violence, and thus a disappointment to the sports masters. He did, however, do well at cross-country and later and most especially orienteering, where his talent for mathematical analysis and eye for topographical detail both in the abstract and immediate dovetailed with his almost limitless stamina to make him a constant winner and national runner-up in his age category, twice. He left school with 5 'A' levels, all 'A' grade, in Latin, Greek, Maths, English and History, and went on to read Classics at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

University and recruitmentEdit

David continued to pursue, recreationally, his orienteering, and joined a mountain climbing club in order to diversify somewhat, spending many of his hols in Snowdonia or the Highlands. He was spotted by a retired MI6 recruiter, Stephen Entwhistle, who taught Chemistry at the college, but kept an eye out for likely prospects despite his official departure from the Secret Service. Entwhistle brought David to the attention of the Department, who used an active agent, posing as a mature student, to sound him out. Since no red flags were raised by the agent, David was invited to Whitehall, and whisked away to the then-secret Vauxhall Bridge HQ. He showed a great aptitude as a non-linear cryptographer, and was easily persuaded to serve his country in this capacity.

Job description and current employmentEdit

David is the section head for non-linear cryptography, this being codes not generated using, or theoretically breakable by, computers. He must, of course, remain fully conversant with all major progress being made in IT, and is an active technophile himself, but his work is carefully and erratically 'segmented' in such a manner as to make a purely mathematically-based reconstruction extremely misleading, at very best. David has a range of languages in which he is utterly fluent, but in general refuses to speak other than English, out of concern that a mild inflectional shift, or unfamiliarity with the latest slang, may make an alternate interpretation of his words both viable and acceptable to a typical native speaker. The obvious exceptions are the dead languages which, having been mummified and pinned to the page for many centuries, he feel moderately certain won't mutate any time soon. 'Dry' is generally the first word other people think of when asked to describe David. His slow manner of speech also leads those prone to conclusions to vastly underestimate his intellect, especially in combination with his typical monotone.

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