Naomie-Harris-in-Skyfall-2012-Movie-Image Eve Moneypenny

The hub of (administrative/public) activity in MI6, and the transfer point for field agents. One of the few to know everyone personally and by their right name, and to bother to address them so. Every other aspect of intelligence work is predicated on the office running like a Swiss watch, and thanks to Eve it never falters.


Eve was an MI6 field agent, who, during a botched mission with Bond in Turkey, ended up shooting 007 while he was struggling with a henchman atop a train. Afterwards she is suspended from field work. At the end of the 'Skyfall' period of events, Eve states she is not fit for field work, and will remain only in a desk job at MI6, as M's secretary. As Bond says that they have not been properly introduced, she gives her full name as Eve Moneypenny.

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