Emma Bullock
Some attributes
First Birth: July 11
Second Nationality: French and British
Third Code Name: Agent 0015
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon of Choice: Knives
Fifth Titles: Valedictorian, The Deadly Beauty, 0015

Emma was born on July 11 in London. Her father, Marcus Olson, was a Major General in the British Armed forces and her mother, Hyacinthe Olson, was the daughter of a French Colonel. Because of her father's military status and rank, Emma attended the Duke of York's Royal Military School when she was 11. There, she developed great skills, such as Close Combat. She later earned the name 'The Deadly Beauty' from her classmates because of her great ability in close combat and assassination techniques. She eventually graduated as the top pupil in her year. After she graduated, she attended Oxford University to get a Degree in Political Science. She met a man named Anthony Bullock during her studies at Oxford, and they were eventually married. Emma then worked as a personal guard for the Prime Minster for a few years before deciding she needed a change. She now works for MI6 as Agent 0015.


Emma is a master of infiltration and disguise. Her talents let her get inside other organizations easily and make going under cover a breeze. Her fighting skills are rarely equalled. She is very good with close hand to hand combat, able to take down some opponents twice her size. Her weapon of choice is any kind of knife. Her stealth and accuracy make her incredibly dangerous when she is in possession of any sharp object.EmmaBullock2


EmmaB's Car

Emma's Audi RS4

Emma's hidden Blade

Emma's favorite hidden blade


Emma's MI6 issued Berretta

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