This is the structure of the various categories.

Prime categories

1. Character abilties  2. Agency  3. Character qualities  4. Multinational  5. Character outcomes 6. Records 7. Locations 8. Fixit 9. NPC 10. OOC 11.PC 12. IC

Character abilitiesEdit

1. 1000 Faces - a practitioner of the arts of disguise, able in a moment to become almost anyone.

2. Intimidating - someone who gives others the overwhelming feeling they don't want to be an enemy.

3. Iron will - an essentially unbreakable spirit, against which direct torture will not prevail.

4. PhD - Philosophiae doctor, the academic title.

5. Rockstar metabolism - Rock'n'roll all night, and party every day!

6. System Ghost - according to the database, this person doesn't exist.

7. Weapons - as advertised.


1. MI6

2. SVR

3. CIA


5. List of former field agents (alive)

6. Wall of the Fallen

Character qualitiesEdit

1. Female

2. Male


1. Blofeld

2. ThaneTech

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