Carter was born and raised in San Diego, California. He went to West Point Academy to boost his military career. After many years of service he worked up to the rank of Master Sergeant. While on a mission in Shanghai, Baker and his small squad of soldiers were ambushed by 40 Chinese terrorists. Carter was the only one to survive. He lost his younger brother in the attack but never showed any sign of sadness. A few years passed, and Carter became the Deputy Director of the CIA.


Carter is an emotionless person. He well never let anyone know how he is feeling on the inside. Even those who have been close to him can never tell what sort of mood he is in. He will always carry the almost angry expression on his face, giving him a tough guy persona.


Carter's Gun

Carter's weapon of choice. A Barrett M52


Carter's Ferrari 599 GTB


Carter's 50 Cal Desert Eagle

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